"Sue Cubberly of EcoDigital expertly guided our project, from drafting the manuscript through the first and second edits to asking the right questions throughout. Her dedication was invaluable." "I owe you big time."
Nawaz Kahn
Chief Operations Officer, Nature Based Solutions East Africa Ltd,
"Sue and her team at Ecotone Digital are a dynamic force for productivity and attention to details, large and small. Super organized and efficient is an apt description while at the same time Sue and team are pleasant, positive and uber professional. Since my work is independent environmental media we had a great fit and I’m so glad to have had this guidance as I transitioned to a new project. From branding ideas to a new website, Sue’s advice and support helped organize my team, along with introducing us to digital tools that streamlined the process!”
Betsy Rosenberg
Environmental Media. formerly with GreenTV
"For several years I have been working in climate change education, and with the European Geosciences Union (EGU). For our 2023 Conference, I organized a session with several presenters. In order to attract as many scientists as possible to this session, I built a simple webpage, which was in addition to the EGU website. Sue Cubberly at Ecotone then approached me and asked if I would like her help to update the look of the webpage, to which I answered “of course”. I was impressed by their attention to detail, her flexibility and agility, as well as by her ability to build an impressive webpage from scratch and her responsive follow-up. I am happy to recommend Ecotone."
David Crookall, PhD.
Climate, Ocean Health
"If you’re a busy professional who needs an all-around digital resource, or an agency that needs a digital problem-solver, Sue Cubberly, of Ecotone Digital, is just what the doctor ordered."
Michelle O’Hagan
Content Marketing Consulting/Content Strategist
"Ecotone is no-nonsense and a real pleasure to work with. I value their opinion and perspicacity in both crisis and run-of-the-mill situations.”
Jim Grisius
Web Communications Manager at Society of Actuaries

Sue Cubberly, of Ecotone Digital, is not only creative and fun to work with, she gets the job done, with great results. She has a gift for listening not only to what’s said, but what’s not said, and can translate your words into action items that result in a wonderful finished product. She’s also respectful and personable, with your needs front and center.


“Ecotone provided constructive feedback and asked thoughtful questions, and consistently raises the bar. They are accessible and it was my pleasure to work with.”


Rafael Zorrilla


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