Ring, Ring


“Is your website still online?”

Hm-m-m. Not sure….let me check.”

Is your small business website up and running … right now … this minute? Do you know if it’s been hacked? Do you know if it runs slowly or goes down periodically? Do you want your clients to notice this issue first or do you want to be notified so you can fix it?

These important questions that anyone with a small business website needs to consider. Face it. Websites fail periodically or can be tampered with. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does happen it’s good to know so the issue can be fixed as soon as possible. That’s why we created SiteSitter.

SiteSitter is a unique website monitoring service that combines automated and human monitoring of your website. This service ensures that the most important asset in your business is working properly and visitors are having a positive experience. With SiteSitter, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your site is running smoothly and open for business.

You can think of it as Website (Baby) Sitting.

  • Around the clock, automated monitoring of your website

  • Up-time monitoring – 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Checking your website every 5 minutes and alerting us if there is any downtime

  • Two months of logs are available for review upon request

If there is a legitimate or lingering issue we will contact you immediately. If there are no issues we will note that in your personalized report. This way you’ll know that your visitors and customers have access to your website and you don’t lose visitors, revenue and customers because of downtime and slow website pages.

  • A visit to your website by one of our staff

  • A screenshot of your homepage will be taken and emailed to you upon request

  • A review of 10+ random pages in your site to physically identify page load time and completeness

  • A review of your top navigation and footer links to ensure usability

A review of five designated web pages to check that:

  • There are no layout or functionality issues

  • Clickable call-to-actions are working and linking to the correct location

  • Sign-up forms are working correctly

  • Chat or feedback tabs are working correctly

  • Social links are active

  • Images are rending correctly

If we find an issue we will contact you by email with an explanation, screenshots (if applicable) and suggestions for correcting the problem.

Automated and human monitoring can be thought of as a low-cost insurance policy for your most important business asset … your small business website.

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Also, all accounts will be eligible for a:

  • Password-protected client portal – A safe, reliable hub where emails and documents can be delivered and stored. This is where we will send your reports and communicate with you.

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