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In 2021, the Paper Calendar Endures

With 2020 coming to an end (thank goodness) and 2021 coming up fast it’s time to find that simple but perfect 12-month calendar to print out and use year round. You might not be purchasing appointment books, planners or pre-printed desk and wall calendars anymore but a good number of you still print a nice, clean calendar for the upcoming year’s events. Admit it.

Even though you probably capture detailed or project oriented tasks by using planning and project manager software there is something comforting about glancing at a simple, no-tech calendar that sits on the corner of your desk or taped to your wall.

Open to opportunities
Even in a time of smartphones, tablets and laptops the self-printed calendar offers opportunities and not just tasks. The vast white space of a new calendar inspires you to add . . . coffee dates, doctor appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. The paper calendar is not just for business.

Print on previously used paper
Printing out your 12-month calendar series can be done one month at a time or the whole 12-month series at once. It’s up to you. Because you still prefer to interact with a printed document it doesn’t matter whether you print your calendar on previously used, printed on one side paper or not. It’s a great way to reduce paper use, reuse and recycle.

Checking dates at a glance
“So is December 3 on a Thursday or a Friday?” A simple glance will tell you. No need to turn on, activate, click through to an online calendar to find out. It’s right there. Makes sense.

Transferring dates from last year’s calendar
If you tend to make note of birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, doctor appointments or other important due dates you’ll be able to just review the previous years calendar and schedule out your important appointments.

Keeping a visual record
With the popularity of journaling it’s easy to see people like to write things down. You can write down only the details you need to know and no more. One glance and you see your schedule. No beeping or annoying notifications.

The pleasure of X-ing out a day or event
Just saying, there is nothing more gratifying than checking off a task or x-ing out a day and moving on to the next item. It’s like the feeling you get when you turn a page on a book. Progress.

For all these reasons, and more, we have been offering simple, clean printable 12-month calendars to anyone who wants or needs one. Get Yours Now! Big, clean, clear, easy to print and use. Did I mention it’s free?

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