Digital Partner Pricing

Benefits Of A Digital Partner Relationship

  • Remember, you pay no taxes, overhead, health insurance, 401K contribution, etc. for our services. That’s good for you!
  • Working on an “as-needed-basis” offers freedom and flexibility for you. Also good for you.
  • We offer flexible pricing and usage of hours. This gives you a “bank” of hours to use as you’d like – always knowing that a dedicated professional is available to be called on.
  • Services are sold as packages so pick your packages carefully and we look forward to working with you.

Digital Assistance, Guidance & Support

Productivity Package – $1000.00 – 25 hours 

Getting to Done Package – $2000.00 – 50 hours

Package includes:

  • Professional digital partner services – Fast, reliable, on-time service for day-to-day digital tasks or on-going projects
  • Free access to our Productivity Workspaces
  • 12 hours/day availability (5 am to 5 pm) open access to online chat with your digital partner (often on weekends)
  • Email, phone, chat, other collaborative communication available

NOTE: If you choose not to purchase a package or your pack runs out and you choose not to purchase another additional hours can be purchased for $55.00/hour.

NOTE: There is a handling charge of $50 (or $100 for package 2) that applies to the package. This covers handling and money transfer costs.

NOTE: Hours are billed in 1/4 hour increments.


Website Quality and Performance Testing – $125.00

Currently, we offer a thorough review and testing tool –

First Glance, A 45-Point Analysis of Your Small Business Website.

This testing tool will give you insight as to how your website stacks up, what you are doing well and where you may need improvement.

Additional products that are scheduled include:

Website Functionality & Usability Testing
Getting Traffic to Your Website
Keeping Visitors on Your Website
Checkout – Making That Sale
Google Analytics Review
Local Search
Accessibility to Your Website
more . . .


We work the hours you don’t. 5-9 am and 5-9 pm Weekdays.
Digital Partner pricing plus 12% – 20% additional charge
Homepage updates, early and late hours contacts, early morning task distribution for your team, monitoring, etc.
Contact us by 3:00 p.m.
Central to schedule morning assignments. Weekend rates apply. Inquire.


SiteSitter Automated Monitoring – $4.79/month
SiteSitter Human Monitoring – $80.00/monitoring event
SiteSitter Human Monitoring Plus – $175.00/monitoring event
SiteSitter Website Monitoring can be contracted as ongoing daily events, weekly events or monthly events.

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