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Making Something Out of the Website You Just Inherited

As it often happens, the person who handled the company website has moved on and it’s now your job to make updates and make friends with the mess…er…opportunity you have in front of you.

You know that ignoring the problem is not the answer. The updates and changes are piling up and the site is 5 months out of date. So it’s time to buckle down and get to work.

First, you must deal with the updates and needed changes. Don’t worry about the design or layout or the subject matter or the size of the images. Remove old dates and update articles with accurate information so your visitors know you are still in business and won’t mislead them with inaccurate information.

If you are fortunate, you will know the login and password and the basics of making and saving edits. If you don’t know these things it will be a great deal harder to reach your goal and you need the assistance of a professional. After the immediate changes have been made it would be a good idea if you look through the site for broken links, images that might not be appearing, general misspellings and always check to see that your source of income is working properly – check your shopping cart system.

Next to having accurate information on the site your shopping cart is the most important area on the site. It’s where you make your money and how you fulfill your customers requests. Whether it’s a link to an online service, a WordPress shopping cart or a custom developed shopping cart you should make a couple of full or fake transactions.

Now that the two most important items have been addressed you need to read the articles and check the linking. You can run a broken link checker if you like. You can now add new content knowing that your site is updated and accurate.

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