Your pages probably don’t number over 100 but some site are in the thousands. With 5-7 links on each page checking and fixing broken links can be a big task.

Broken links are links that no longer work and result in an error page. A broken link occurs when a link points to a web page that no longer exists. Perhaps it has been deleted or moved.

Broken links are important to pay attention to because they will stop search engines from completely indexing your website. Fixing broken links allow search engines to complete the indexing and indicates that your site is in good working order.

When visitors come to your website there must be something that motivates them, so perhaps you have done a good job in attracting them. These visitors come to your site with expectations that they will find just what they were searching for. If they click on a link and it doesn’t work or goes to the wrong page, an out-of-date page or a page that gives them an error (404 page), you may never see that visitor again.

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