How [it] Works

What Are the Steps

First, you contact us by signing up for a free 20 minute chat.

Next, we contact you by email within 24 hours (usually 2-3 hours)and agree on a date and time for our 20-minute chat. We will also send you a short questionnaire to be completed and sent back prior to our meeting. 

During our meeting we will tell you a bit about how we work and will also discuss your plans, timeline, and budget.

Then, if we (both) feel this is a good match and agree to a plan of action, an invoice will be sent to you and upon full payment, we can set up a meeting for an hour or so to discuss your needs in more detail.

Before our “kick-off” meeting, we will send you a second questionnaire to capture additional information, including a request for assets such as: branding info, website logins, existing logo art, etc. 

During our first meeting, we will show you a couple of pre-designed templates and custom designs and discuss the possible layouts. If you have a current website we will also step through your site audit we made so we can identify what pages you should keep, edit or remove. Based on our content decisions we will be able to create a sitemap of the navigation. We will also make a basic style guide that will include your logo, fonts and sizes, colors and other important elements that are related to your website. 

With all this information in hand, we will start design and development of your new site. We will be in contact with you via email and Slack and you’ll be able to watch the development process the whole time. This process can happen fairly quickly so the sooner we receive all assets (copy, images, links, theme choice, etc.) the sooner we can make your site live. When we are ready to launch the site we will contact you for approval.

Upon receiving your approval to make your site live and after doing so we will let you know by email and include a technical guide for your use and reference. At this point, (if you qualify) your 5 free hours assistance hours start should you have questions, changes or updates.

We recommend but do not require that we meet again for a short debrief of the process, possible planning a future roadmap and discuss a maintenance plan, etc.

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