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We Want To Be Your Digital Partner

From time to time you may find you need assistance with certain digital tasks or you might find that having a trusted partner available for a quick discussion or even a brainstorming session is highly useful. This is where we come in.

Benefits of a Digital Partner relationship:

Choosing a digital solutions partner
  • Remember, you pay no taxes, overhead, health insurance, 401K contribution, etc. for our services. That’s good for you!
  • Working on an “as-needed basis” offers freedom and flexibility for you. Also good for you.
  • We offer flexible pricing and usage of hours. This gives you a “bank” of hours to use as you’d like – always knowing that a dedicated professional is available to be called on.
  • Services are sold as packages so pick your packages carefully and we look forward to working with you.

Grab your spot now!

50/50 Outreach – $600.00 – 12 hours

Productivity Package – $1000.00 – 25 hours 

Getting to Done Package – $2000.00 – 50 hours

Package includes:

  • Professional digital partner services – Fast, reliable, on-time service for day-to-day digital tasks or on-going projects
  • Free access to our Productivity Workspaces
  • 12 hours/day availability (5 am to 5 pm) open access to online chat with your digital partner (often on weekends)
  • Email, phone, chat, other collaborative communication available

NOTE: If you choose not to purchase a package or your pack runs out and you choose not to purchase another additional hours can be purchased for $55.00/hour.

NOTE: There is a handling charge of $50 (or $100 for package 2) that applies to the package. This covers handling and money transfer costs.

NOTE: Hours are billed in 1/4 hour increments.

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