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You are Busy.
Digital is Hard.
We can Help.

Introducing the Digital Partner Program

You can think of your digital partner as a helping hand that provides support when you need it most.

Professional, knowledgeable and flexible service combined with convenient pricing.

Maybe you just need someone to proof your content, bounce ideas or fill in for you when you are handling other things.

Maybe you need a professional project manager to act as lead on your on-going projects.

It doesn’t matter, Tasks big or small – completed by someone you know, trust and will work in your best interest.

Yes, A Digital Partner is for me!

Your Digital Partner will:

  • Listen to your ideas, vision and goals for the company.
  • Refine your online strategy and determine the best areas of focus.
  • Learn your preferred software, the digital outreach efforts you’ve previously produced and what level of communication and technology you’re comfortable using.
  • Work with the vendors or resources you know and trust.
  • Discuss all deliverables and scheduling. Also create a project plan and online calendar for you to track milestones and due dates.
  • Carefully consider your situation when budgeting project(s).
  • Perform the tasks needed prior to design and programming such as the development of a sitemap for navigation, wireframes for layout as well as a creative brief and technical documents for your designer’s and programmer’s reference.
  • Assist you in supervising the project from start to finish.
  • Collaborate with any and all members of your team.
  • Be available for questions, maintenance, updates and advice after your project is complete.

Having a digital partner is a smart thing to do. A digital partner is a person you can trust and depend on. Someone who works with you, not just for you. Your Digital Partner can help you succeed and offload some of the daily burdens that take precious time away from running and building your business.

Our services can include:

Project Planning
Vendor & Resource Management
Day-to-Day Task Management
Digital Production

Other specific services:

Image Search and Optimization
Website Project Management
Copy Editing
Website Updates and Maintenance
Website Usability Review
Visitor Comment Responses
Search Engine Optimization
Local Search Optimization
Social Media Updates
Site Analytics Review
and more . . .

Outsourced & managed services:

Website Design and Development
Social Media Planning
Branding Efforts
Proposal Writing
Content Marketing
Graphic Design Services
Copy writing Services

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