You are busy.
When you’ve finished a long day, doing the work you love, there are still tasks needed to be done.
You might not like these tasks as much but they are vital tasks.

Digital is hard.
Marketing, website updates, resource & vendor relations, promotion, social…

We can help.
A trusted, professional digital partner at your fingertips.

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Introducing the Digital Partner Program
You can think of your digital partner as a helping hand that provides support when you need it most.

Professional, knowledgeable and flexible service combined with convenient pricing.

Maybe you just need someone to proof your content, bounce ideas or fill in for you when you are handling other things.

Maybe you need a professional project manager to act as lead on your on-going projects.

It doesn’t matter, Tasks big or small – completed by someone you know, trust and will work in your best interest.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Project Planning

  • Vendor & Resource Management

  • Day-to-Day Task Management

  • Digital Production

Here’s what we can do for you! 

What’s Included in the Program:

  • Professional digital partner services (pricing)

Fast, reliable, on-time service for day-to-day digital tasks or on-going projects.

Access to the Five Integrated Methods for Digital Productivity

  • Password-protected client portal

A safe, reliable hub where emails and documents can be delivered and stored.

  • Free access to our Productivity Workspace

  • Complimentary use of an automated Privacy Protection service

  • Free Ongoing SiteSitter (Website monitoring) service with quarterly reports

  • Access to our Digital Productivity learning site “Sustainable Online Presence”

  • Free access to the “Getting To Done” Member site (soon)

  • Discounts on other company products and online courses