Digital Content Opportunities

Creating Fresh, Relevant & Engaging Content is Hard

. . . but reimagining and repurposing your existing content is at your fingertips!

Imagine creating ebooks, audiobooks and flipbooks from your existing .pdfs, videos, YouTubes, webpages, blog or podcasts.
Transcript, Closed Captions and Subtitles, too.

Get More Traffic and Reach More People!

Our unique digital options give you opportunities to extend, expand, compound, and benefit from multiple and different uses of your content. In other words: “We can help you stretch your content so it works harder for you.”


Video Editing

Voices & Languages


Video Instruction

PPT to Video


Auto Transcription

8mm Conversion

E Documents

Video to eDocs

eBook from Facebook

Flip Books

Webinar to eBook

eBook from Blogs

Audio Books

Headline Generator

2D & 3D Cover Design

Text / Speech

Script to Audio

Speech to Text

Voices & Languages

Announcing: "One Shot Rainbow" 

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