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We Want To Be Your Digital Partner

Your days are long and those projects are stacking up. If only you were able to work with someone who knows your style and how you work as well as you do. Perhaps a partner… a Digital Partner.

That’s right, a “Digital Partner” – someone who understands you and works with you to complete digital tasks. You need someone who you can contact, explain your situation, express your goals for the project and then depend on them to complete that project or task just as you would.

  • Project plan development
  • Project monitoring & management
  • Project status reporting
  • Testing & quality assurance
  • Project launch management & execution

  • Identify talent for small tasks and full cycle projects
  • Manage and direct talent & outside resources
  • Manage tasks for outside vendors
  • Track down & resolve issues
  • Assist in selection & interviews of vendors/resources
  • Continuous website monitoring
  • Website maintenance & updates
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Visitor comments response
  • Image search & optimization

  • Website project management
  • Copy editing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local search optimization
  • Site analytics review

Your Digital Partner will:

  • Listen to your ideas, vision and goals for the company.
  • Refine your online strategy and determine the best areas of focus.
  • Learn your preferred software, the digital outreach efforts you’ve previously produced and what level of communication and technology you’re comfortable using.
  • Work with the vendors or resources you know and trust.
  • Discuss all deliverables and scheduling. Also create a project plan and online calendar for you to track milestones and due dates.
  • Carefully consider your situation when budgeting project(s).
  • Perform the tasks needed prior to design and programming such as the development of a sitemap for navigation, wireframes for layout as well as a creative brief and technical documents for your designer’s and programmer’s reference.
  • Assist you in supervising the project from start to finish.
  • Collaborate with any and all members of your team.
  • Be available for questions, maintenance, updates and advice after your project is complete.

Having a digital partner is a smart thing to do. A digital partner is a person you can trust and depend on. Someone who works with you, not just for you. Your Digital Partner can help you succeed and offload some of the daily burdens that take precious time away from running and building your business.

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