I keep telling myself that “I’m not a bad marketer, I’m just a bad barker” (Think carnival barker)

And it’s true, I’ve been doing content marketing for a long time and I tend to favor the creation and production side of the business better than the marketing side but, all in all, I’m not too bad. But when I started using Dubsado I became much, much better.

Technically, Dubsado is “a business management solution designed to cut out the busywork” but truthfully it’s a lifesaver. The software is amazing, beautifully designed and works like a dream. But the ways this software helps me has nothing to do with that. What I love best about Dubsado is … it helps me respond to visitors, clients and, even tire kickers, with a smart, immediate, consistent and professional voice.

Dubsado …

1. Helps me better sell myself without feeling I am selling out
My natural state is not to bark out all my qualities and suppress my fault, actually, it’s often just the opposite. Yet, when I have to time to construct a quality first, second or third response to a visitor, Dubsado helps me present it to them in a consistent manner and with a design elegance I don’t get using one off emails.

2. Helps me present myself professionally and confidently every time
We all know the workday is not consistent. We don’t get up every day and put on the happy face and energetic spirit because, well, life gets in the way. Since most of us are working from home we don’t have the sanctuary of the office to shield us from the day-to-day drama of working from home. Yet when I use Dubsado, I know my messaging is clean, clear and consistent and no one is the wiser. The responses are sent, the contact is made and process has begun.

3. Helps me filter through the false responses so I can get to my real customers
Dubsado helps me filter out the tire-kickers from the real potential leads I am looking for. The frustration that comes from the disappointment at missing a response from a website visitor or the bombardment of false responses by bots, characters and clowns is removed. Because you have your message right, your auto-responses written and the system set-up you don’t have to deal with any of that real time drama, you just set, forget and review at your leisure.

4. Helps me respond better to inquiries
Once your initial responses are written and set up, you now have the time to review the feedback. Perhaps your potential client was very excited by your first auto-response and wrote you back immediately. Dubsado allows you the time to focus on these, far more important, responses at your leisure and in a voice that is not stressed, uncertain or just plain worn out. Taking away the tedious tasks of early response allows you time to really connect with your visitors and potential clients and customers.

5. Helps me do my business better
This beautiful, intuitive software helps me:

  • choose my words carefully
  • present questionnaires
  • send invoices
  • create various lead capture forms for all conditions
  • even send reminders and schedule appointments

There is so much more I can say, but I think you get the point. The people at Dubsado have really put things together so you can put you life and your business together and go out there and show the world what you’ve got. Hope this was helpful, because we know you are busy, digital is hard and great tools can help.

If you are a busy small business owner and need assistance from time to time, perhaps a Digital Partner can help.