EcoDigital (Ecotone Digital) is dedicating this decade (2021 – 2030) to supporting focused professionals who have chosen a career in the fields of Climate, Environment, Biodiversity and Equity (CeBe)

Our tagline for years has been “You are Busy, Digital is Hard, We can Help”. And this is true. We have found that these CeBe professionals, who are focused on their work, tend to neglect the importance of their online presence . But we can fix this.

We will be here to help you gain easy access to modern platforms, become content-focused as well as assist you with updates and maintenance.

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We know you're busy.

And you may or may not have time, talent or interest in creating and promoting yourself and your work on the Internet but . . . TODAY . . . it's imperative that you do have some kind of a digital or online presence.

EcoDigital wants to show you how to make it sustainable so you don’t ignore it or turn it into a full-time job.

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