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Climate, Environment, Biodiversity & Equity

In January 2020, we, Ecotone Digital, pivoted our entire 20 year old business to exclusively serve and support the professional members of the CeBe Community or those involved in Climate, Environment, Biodiversity and Equity efforts. 

To better help scientists, researchers, activists, writers, etc. in this community we offer 1.) various options for easy entry to an Internet presence, 2.) a serious focus on fast, clean, secure and effective website design & development and 3.) digital support, guidance and assistance through our Digital Partner program.

Our sustainable digital practices include:

Speed, Security, Content-focused, Carbon-neutral, Usability, Accessibility and Privacy

  • Multi-platform options to meet your needs
  • Fast, Clean, Secure & Effective products
  • Digital assistance to support you
  • Offering and supporting only what you need
  • Page weight budgeting for greener, faster pages
  • Green (renewable energy) hosting
  • Optimization & minification practices
  • Promotion & practice of sustainable digital and non-digital practices
  • Lean productivity techniques
  • Creation, curation and support of a sustainable issues & answers membership website

If you are a member of this community we urge you to contact us and see what we can do for you. 

Contact us by using the form below. 
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