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Online Presence

3 05, 2020

What It Means to Have An “Online Presence”


The term Online Presence has meant many things over the years. Years ago, setting up your website meant you had an online presence. It was good enough to have a pleasant looking homepage, smart navigation, pretty images and good content. No longer is this true. That's not to say that [...]

What It Means to Have An “Online Presence”2020-07-08T15:06:43+00:00
9 02, 2020

Small Businesses Must Focus On Their Online Presence


A strong online (web) presence is imperative for small and micro/solo businesses. It might be more important for smaller businesses rather than larger businesses because large businesses have more resources and capital to assist them in their outreach. Small and micro businesses are usually single individuals or a small number [...]

Small Businesses Must Focus On Their Online Presence2020-07-08T15:07:17+00:00
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