Our goal is to serve and assist small business owners who, work long days, believe in what they do, perform most of the daily duties and need a trusted partner to help them with the digital side of their business.

Ecotone Digital Solutions can be that trusted digital partner. Please feel free to look around our site and then contact us and we can talk.



Building and Sustaining Your Online Business Presence

Every endeavor needs a purpose. Explaining that purpose to others is exactly what your online business presence and voice does. Your presence and voice are what builds your brand and your message. How can we help you?

  • Custom & Theme-based Website Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

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Choosing a Digital Partner

Every small business owner needs to promote & market their small business. Choosing a digital solutions partner can help you. We’ll show you how


53 Things Your Website Needs

Is your website doing the job? Are you attracting customers you want to attract?

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Right this minute I’ll bet you can think of  3 or more digital projects that you’ve been trying to complete but haven’t. You know each of these projects is important for the growth of your company but for some reason you haven’t been able to get done. If only you were able to work with someone who knows your company, knows you style as well as you do. Perhaps a partner … a Digital Partner.

That’s right, a “Digital Partner”. Someone who understands your business and works with you to complete digital tasks. You need someone who you can contact, explain your situation, express your goals for the project and depend on to complete that project or task just as you would.

Here are some suggested services where we might partner:




Image Search

Proposal writing

Copy editing

Website updates and maintenance

SEO updates

Social media updates

Additional services:

Website design and development

Social media planning

Branding efforts

Proposal writing


Graphic design services

Writing services

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